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Discover the Art of Peter Carr


A life-long artist, Peter Carr was born in Hawai’i and raised in Carmel, CA. After moving to Los Angeles in 1981 to attend college at UCLA, Peter quietly and passionately pursued his art behind a successful corporate career for three decades. At the end of 2017 he left the corporate world behind to pursue this life-long passion full-time.


In the Fall of 2013 Peter went through several life changing surgeries. Up to that point, aside from love and family, surfing had been the center point of his physical, spiritual and personal life. Due to the surgeries he could no longer surf but he could dream and think of it and find a way to illustrate the very core of his surfing soul. After the most trying moments of his medical recovery his art style and technique changed almost overnight, as though he was a completely different artist. His art has organically evolved from that experience to where he is today.


Peter's aesthetic was profoundly influenced by his youth in Hawai’i and experience of the 70’s art and post-hippy surfing renaissance in Carmel coupled with the go-go surf punk rock 80’s in Los Angeles. In addition, his spiritual beliefs, love of math and science, poetry, music and concerns for the changing planet and humanity all contribute to his unique tone. The style, repeating subject matter and forms that inhabits his art could best be summarized as geometric abstract or, as Peter would call it, Fractal Wavalism — the product of a cluttered mind drifting off into an alternative universe or dimension, where the creator is infinite and color, light and contrast boldly explode.

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